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Camaya Coast is a 350-hectare eco-tourism development found at the Southern tip of Bataan, at Sitio Wain in Bgy. Biaan, Mariveles. The residential lots range from P1.071 million to P1.536 million, and the lot areas vary from 180 sqm to 240 sqm (P5,950/sqm to P6,400/sqm)…

Camaya Coast is more than just secure, gated residential areas. You also have a commercial town center.

How To Get There

It will take you around 3 hours by car (via SCTEX), and about 90 minutes by sea, if you take the Ferry at PICC (available usually on Saturdays at 8PM, but please check first).

Camaya Coast is targeted for completion by 2011.

You will enjoy the breathtaking sights because it has a white-sand beach, waterfalls, mountainside forests, and even eco-trails. And if you prefer not to rough it out too much, there are resorts and bed-and-breakfast hotels.

If you prefer to have your own beach property, residential and commercial units are for sale.

Now, wouldn’t you like to have your own affordable dream vacation home?

For example, you can have a condo unit for less than P2.5 million. If you prefer a villa, you can get a 129 sqm loft for only P3.55 million, and a 194 sqm 3-bedroom villa for only P5.75 million. Cash buyers can enjoy discounts of up to 30%!

what makes Camaya competitive is that mid-end lot sizes starts at 180 sqm (Php 1.071M). (High end lots starts at 241 sqm up to 800 sqm.) A 70 sqm studio condo unit(w/ parking slot and a private roof deck) in camaya cost around Php2.3 M.

They are also offering 30% discounts on spot cash buyers (most developers offer a maximum of 15% discount). For example, a 180 sqm lot would cost around Php 1.071 M. If you buy it cash… its only Php 749,700.

Majority of the lot packages are at P1.5 million and below, while some condos are less than P2.5 million. At those price levels, you don’t have to pay for VAT (12%), which means more savings for investors.

Plus, in-house financing is only 7% interest (compared to the 18% charged by other developers in Metro Manila). With the 10-year financing program, the amortization for a 180-sqm lot comes out to only P12,000 per month.

(Prices subject to change without prior notice).

Some people say that Mariveles used to be called Camaya. Camaya Coast is a boat ride away from Bataan, and just 20 minutes away from historical Corregidor.

Earth & Shore Leisure Communities Corp., the developer of Camaya Coast, is positioning it as a premium beach resort and residential community that’s perfect for people who want to relax, or who prefer an active lifestyle. It’s that versatile!

For example, Camaya Coast has a sports center for people who love to play basketball, badminton, volleyball, tennis, or even billiards. If you are adventuresome, you can even try kayaking, fishing, hiking, and trail biking. Your children can also enjoy camping.

And if relaxation is more your cup of tea, Camaya Coast will soon have spas.

Residential Units

  • Pelangi Heights – 8 hectare mid end residential village located around 800 meters from the beach. Lot sizes range from 180 – 270 sqm. From P6,850 to P7,850.00 /sqm
  • Kencana Hills – 10 hectare high end residential village located around 800 meters from the beach. Lot sizes range from 240 -300 sqm. from P6,850 to P7,850.00 /sqm
  • Menara Point – Lot sizes range from 190 – 900 sqm. From P6,350 (North and South) to P7,350.00 /sqm
  • High-End Beach Villas
    • 5 Rooms excluding Maids & Drivers Quarters
      4-1/2 Bathrooms excluding Maids & Drivers Quarters
      1 Maids room + Full Bathroom
      1 Drivers quarter + Full Bathroom
      Double Volume Living & Dining room
      Total Floor Area (Approx) 410 m2
      2 Covered Garages
      Units are attached by design but no common walls (Z-loft format)
  • Condos – Studio, 1BR, 2BR, Junior 2BR

Features and Amenities

  • Indoor & Outdoor Sports & Recreational Facilities
  • Accessible to nature reserves,waterfalls,hiking and biking trails
  • Breathtaking views of China sea, mountains,cliffs & coves
  • 24 hours security / gated community / perimeter fence & CCTVs
  • Availability of a variety of Commercial facilities
  • Each Subdivision Phase with a private clubhouse with pool and function hall

Sample Computation

Block 8, Lot 32 currently selling at P6,350/sqm
212 SQM

TCP: Php 1,346,200.00

Sample Computation:
Scheme 1, Full Cash with 30% Discount:
Php 838,106.00 SAVE: 403,860.00 !

Scheme 2, 30% payable for 18 months, 70% 5 years
18 months = Php 21,881.11
MA = Php 18,659.46

Scheme 3, 10% DP in 6 months, 90% 10 years
6 months = Php 20,321.27
MA = Php 13,786.06

Other Sample Computations:

Studio Unit:
Unit Price: 2,900,000.00

Reservation fee for condos is Php 20,000.00

Scheme 1: Full Cash (VAT Free!) with 20% Discount: Save! Php 580,000.00
Contract Price: Php 2,320,000.00

Reservation Fee: Php 20,000
Payment due 30 days after reservation: Php 2,068,000.00
Due before turnover: Php 232,000.00 + closing fees

Scheme 2: 10% Full DP, 90% 10 years, 3% discount: Save! Php 87,000.00
Contract Price with VAT: 3,150,560.00

DP: Php 295,056.00
Monthly: Php 32,922.47

Scheme 3: 30% Full DP (Vat Free Scheme for Studio/1 Bedroom) 8% Discount: Save! Php 232,000.00
30% DP: Php 780,400.00
Monthly : Php 21,684.33 (if 10 years) or Php 36,980.72 (if 5 years)

Sample Computation – House and Lot Packages

2 Bedroom Villa (184 sqm house) on 161 sqm Lot.
Total Price: 7,166,800.00

Scheme 1, Full Cash with 20% Discount:
Php 6,421,452.80 only Save! Php 1,433,360.00

Scheme 2, 30% payable for 12 months, 70% 5 years or 10 years
12 months = Php 200,670.40
MA = Php 65,238.43 (if 10 years) or Php 111,258.41 (if 5 years)

Scheme 3, 10% DP in 6 months, 90% 5 year or 10 years
6 months = Php 43,036.38
MA = Php 83,877.98 (if 10 year) or Php 143,046.53 (if 5 years)

3 Bedroom Villa (194 sqm house) on 161 sqm Lot
Total Price: 7,616,800.00

Scheme 1, Full Cash with 20% Discount:
Php 6,824,652.80 only Save! Php 1,523,360.00

Scheme 2, 30% payable for 12 months, 70% 5 years or 10 years
12 months = Php 211,603.73
MA = Php 69,334.72 (if 10 years) or Php 118,244.28 (if 5 years)

Scheme 3, 10% DP in 6 months, 90% 5 year or 10 years
6 months = Php 138,846.93
MA = Php 89,144.64 (if 10 year) or Php 52,028.35 (if 5 years)

[Prices are subject to change without prior notice]

For inquiries:

Please leave a comment below and we will forward it to Mr. Steven Tiong of Camaya Coast.

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