Hacienda San Benito, Batangas

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Hacienda San Benito in Lipa City, Batangas is your real leisure farm home. This new real estate concept by Milrose Realty is the first of its kind in the Philippines, because it is a commercial integrated farm within a residential estate.

Unlike other leisure farms that serve an excuse to peddle large tracts of land as being agricultural, HACIENDA SAN BENITO is a REAL FARM HOME with a 5-hectare farm strategically located at the heart of the 22-hectare estate.

It’s a REAL FARM with organic vegetable and fruit plantations, real horses grazing, real free-ranging chicken (even real ostriches!), real goats, real tilapia (even real Japanese Carps from Niigata). Everything and more that you dreamed a farm in the countryside to be.

And you don’t need to know anything about farming to enjoy farming. Farming cooperative operates and manages the entire farm to be productive and profitable. They will plant and harvest the fields, and market the produce of the land. These farm hands will even tend to your personal horses, pick fresh lettuce and catch fresh fish at your command. So you can leave all the hard work to the coop, and enjoy rural living in the farm LIKE A REAL HACIENDERO!

Aside from a REAL FARM right outside your doorsteps, HACIENDA SAN BENITO has planned unique amenities to anticipate in earnest. Imagine a pizza-shaped garden with all the fresh condiments of a vegan pizza in the PIZZA CABANA. Or a coffee shop that is ‘everything about Kape Barako’ overlooking a plantation in the TERRAZA DE BARAKO. Or a barn-style clubhouse for communal activities in the LA PRIMAVERA.

How about a wooden nipa bridge (PUENTE DE MARIA)? Or a country-style windmill (MOLINO DEL VIENTE). And best, an open-air, nipa chapel dedicated to the Sacred Heart (CAPILLA DEL SAGRADO CORAZON).

In truth, there’s a farm in everyone’s heart. And for the farm in your heart, HACIENDA SAN BENITO is your Getaway To A Real Farm Home!

If you care to visit the hacienda or learn more about it, please get in touch with ANNA MARIE TERAN by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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