Manhattan Garden City Updates – Aug 2008

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Here are the latest updates for August 2008 for the Manhattan Garden City condo towers in Araneta, Cubao, Quezon City. Please note that almost 77% of Tower 3 Parkview are now sold out and there will be another price increase this September.

The following information came from Ms. Joyz Silvera

Sample Cost Computations


Let’s assume you’re interested in Unit QR, a 75.5 sq meter unit on the 20th floor.

One great thing about the Manhattan Garden City is the No Downpayment plan. You can choose to pay 50% of the Total Contract Price over either 5 years, at zero percent interest.

If you choose the 5-year Zero Interest Plan, you will enjoy a PhP 35,000 rebate off the Total Contract Price of PhP 6,553,948

Under the 5-year plan, the TCP net of the P35,000 rebate is PhP 6,518,948.

CORRECTION: Ms. Joyz Silvera clarifies the P35,000 rebate…

35K is given upon submission of 60 PDC’s within a month after they reserve the unit. Lets say, they reserve today, aug 26,they can avail of the rebate if they issue the required pdc’s until sept26…

50% of TCP 3,259,474
Less Reservation Fee 25,000
= PhP 3,234,474 / 60 months or 5yrs

Monthly Amortization
for Month 1 – 60 = PhP 53,907.90

50% of TCP Balance upon Turn over = PhP 3,259,474 (which can be financed in-house or through bank financing)

Now this is just a sample computation, and does not include any possible promos which may become available during certain times of the year. The best thing to do would be get in touch with Ms. Joyz Silvera, so that she can directly offer you alternative financing plans or special terms:

Ms. Joyz Silvera


Unit K, 17/F

Unit Price PhP 5,448,785
Less Rebate 35,000
= TCP PhP 5,413,785

50% of TCP 2,706,892.50
Less Reservation 25,000.00
= PhP 2,681,892.50 / 60 months or 5years

Monthly Amortization
for month 1 – 60 PhP 44,698.20

50% of TCP Balance upon Turn over PhP 2,706,892


18/F, Unit OP

Unit Price PhP 3,913,025
Less Rebate 35,000
= TCP PhP 3,878,025

50% of TCP PhP 1,939,012.50
Less Reservation 25,000.00
= PhP 1,914,012.50 / 60 months or 5 yrs

Monthly Amortization
for month 1 – 60 PhP 31,900.20

50% of TCP Balance upon Turn over PhP 1,939,012.50


18/F, Unit I
40.5 SQM

Unit Price PhP 3,526,723
Less Rebate 35,000
= TCP PhP 3,491,723

50% of TCP 1,745,861.50
Less Reservation 25,000.00
= PhP 1,720,861.50 / 60 months or 5 yrs

Monthly Amortization
for month 1 – 60 PhP 28,681.02

50% of TCP Balance upon Turn over PhP 1,745,861.50

Price List

3 Bedroom w/ Balcony (75.5 sq m) PhP 6.41 million – PhP 6.67 million
2 Bedroom w/ Balcony (63 sq m) PhP 5.34 million – PhP 5.57 million
1 Bedroom (45 sq m) PhP 3.83 million – PhP 4.02 million
1 Bedroom (36.5 sq m) PhP 3.12 million – PhP 3.29 million
Studio w/ Balcony (40.5 sq m) PhP 3.45 million – PhP 3.64 million
Studio w/ Balcony (34 sq m) PhP 2.91 million – PhP 3.06 million

The above cost information (prices subject to change without prior notice) of the Manhattan Garden City, Araneta, Cubao came from:

Ms. Joyz Silvera

Please leave a comment below if you would like to receive costings that correspond to your actual unit of choice.

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  1. on 27 Oct 2008 at 3:42 am Tito Garcia said …

    need to see some pictures of 2 and 3 bedroom on your condo. Interested on your 2 & 3 bedroom condo. thanks.

  2. on 16 Mar 2010 at 12:26 am Anie said …

    hi, gud p.m i want to know po kong nag increase na po ba ang price ng manhattan park view tower one two bedrooms 63 sq metter.. thanks

    [From the Admin] Thank you for your inquiry. The Manhattan Garden City property specialist will email you soon.

  3. on 20 Feb 2011 at 10:32 pm Sha said …

    ung prices above po ba may furnitures included na? Thank you.

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