The Gramercy Residences, Century City

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The Gramercy Residences within the Trilogy cluster of residences at Century City is a 41-storey condominium in Makati City. Rising on the former site of the International School along Kalayaan Avenue, the Gramercy Residences is a New York-inspired high-rise condo that offers you Studio, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR flats and loft units.

You can get a unit for as low as US$55,000 (or about P2.4M).

The Century City project’s lot area is 4.8 hectares no longer being specified by the company, while the floor area of the units ranges from 28 to 153 sq meters.

The project consists of a mixed-use development designed as a subdivision to be implemented in phases. The property is a 4.8 HA parcel located adjacent to the CBD of Makati and adjacent to Makati Avenue.

APRIL 2008 UPDATE: The project is no longer rising on the former site of IS, it is also no longer a 4.8 ha property, and there is no 5-star hotel. We’re still waiting for more information from Mr. San Miguel regarding the new location and size of the property.

The new info that we now have is that on October 2007, Century City Development Corporation, an affiliate of Century Properties Inc., the largest privately-owned property company in the Philippines, marked another milestone in real estate history. It held the groundbreaking of The Gramercy Residences located on Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City.

The location is also referred to as MoMa® or “Modern Makati.”

Features of Century City

  • IT Park (to house Call Centers in the future)
  • 5-star hotel
  • Residential Towers (featuring amenities and garden in the sky in posh choices of 1, 2 or 3-Bedroom [Standard or Loft-Type] units and limited townhouse luxury units
  • Retail Stores
  • Six interior design themes to choose from
    • African-inspired Savannah showcases the magnificence of the African wild with arresting animal prints and eye-catching leather accents—perfect for adventurous and yet sophisticated globetrotters.
    • Suburban-contemporary Lush captures contemporary-suburban living in warm earth tones and refreshing green details.
    • Modern and masculine Barley is yet another high-definition creative piece. Set in dark hues, it exhibits passion, boldness and sophistication – befitting a dashing bachelor or a strong-willed corporate woman.
    • Pristinely Oriental Azuli brings Asia to the spotlight with its arresting blue and white color palette, reminiscent of age-old art of chinoiserie, a recognizable trademark of European artistic style highly-influenced by Chinese design.
    • Minimalist but funky Sleek showcases minimalist furnishings with reflective light fixtures and funky artwork. Complemented by ornate art deco style furnishing, it creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the creative environment of old world Italy.
    • Opulent Aristo defines modern opulence with its carved mirrors, high-gloss finishes and classic furniture. With ornate touches, it brings back the richness of the Renaissance period in a contemporary backdrop.
  • Sprawling and breathtaking Sky Park® (rises halfway up the residential buildings, traversing each one, 36 stories above the ground)
  • Three-storey waterfalls
  • Three types of pools (multi-level infinity pools, lagoon pools, a children’s pool)
  • Designer café and restaurant
  • Health club
  • Garden island within a reflecting pool
  • Day care center
  • 24-hour fitness center with three kinds of gyms, rooms for yoga and Pilates
  • Centralized juice bar
  • Residents’ lounge
  • THX theater
  • DVD library
  • Café/restaurant
  • Conference room with global communication equipment
  • Wine bar and storage
  • Library/book club

The Gramercy Residences: Available Units

  • Standard Units (Single-Level)
    • Studio 28.29sqm – 34.85sqm P2.40M – P3.22M
    • 1-Bedroom A 38.79sqm – 42.28sqm P3.37M – P3.93M
    • 1-Bedroom B 34.41sqm – 34.46sqm P2.96M – P3.16M
    • 2-Bedroom 66.76sqm P6.00M – P6.08M
    • 3-Bedroom 153.65sqm P13.94M – P14.14M
  • Loft-Type Units (Bi-Level)
    • 1-Bedroom Loft 43.11sqm – 58.20sqm P4.62M – P6.03M
    • 2-Bedroom Loft 88.90sqm – 107.98sqm P9.42M – P11.06M
    • 3-Bedroom Loft 149.48sqm – P15.85M – P16.02M
  • Terms of Payment: 4 years to pay at zero interest

(As usual, all these prices are subject to change without prior notice.)

For inquiries, please call the Century Properties Group:
+63.2 818 9025
+63.2 890 7050
+63.915 700 2000

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  1. on 04 Apr 2008 at 5:17 pm Roberto San Miguel said …


    I am Roberto San Miguel of the IT department of Century Properties Inc.
    We are now conducting the standardization of all web ads regarding Gramercy Residences and are correcting and updating the information on web ads. We have found out that your web ad is not updated with the correction information. Below are the corrections needed to be done for your web ad to be updated and correct.

    1. Please remove this statement “Rising on the former site of the International School”
    2. Please remove this statement “The Century City project’s lot area is 4.8 hectares”
    3. Please remove this statement “The property is a 4.8 HA parcel located adjacent to the CBD of Makati and adjacent to Makati Avenue.”
    4. Under Features of Century City please delete “5-star hotel”

    Hoping for your speedy response to this matter.

    Thank you.

    [From] Hello, Mr. San Miguel. The data shown on this page is based on your newspaper advertisement. May we know the new location of the Gramercy Residences, as well as the new size of the lot? Also, does this mean you will no longer push through with the 5-star hotel? Thanks!

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