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More and more people are converging in Twitter, and real estate property specialists are growing their reach with the help of Twitter Rocket, a system that allows you to rapidly connect with thousands of targeted people who visit one of the most popular destinations on the web today.

Whether you are selling or even buying a house and lot, condo, or any type of property, you might be curious about how Twitter can help you. Well, here’s how…

It’s all about relationships.

Twitter is a social medium where people connect and follow other people who share similar interests. Since you only have 140 characters, the messages are short and to the point. These messages (or tweets) share something inspirational, entertaining, or humorous. In other cases, these tweets can even share tips that relate to money, health, or relationships.

The bottomline is, Twitter helps connect people. And in the world of real estate, your ability to buy or sell properties hinges not just on what you know, but on who you know.

With Twitter Rocket, you can rapidly increase your followers in Twitter. And when people follow you in Twitter, your messages will appear in their computer screen when they visit the popular site.

How do you get more followers sensibly? There is a 5-day plan outlined in the Twitter Rocket ebook, which shows you how you can, in just 1 hour a day, gain as much as 1,000 followers each week. You can choose to follow the plan for just 5 days, and your Twitter account will gain targeted followers automatically over time. Or you can do that 5-day plan week after week, and get faster results.

In real estate, property specialists connect with people in many ways. Some distribute flyers in malls and supermarkets. Others do site manning, where they wait in a reception area right there in the site, and wait for walk-ins to show up.

With the help of the internet, real estate agents extend the power of flyering, because these can now be done 24 by 7. Even when you’re asleep, the internet continues to deliver your information to interested buyers.

With the power of Twitter and social media, the benefits of the internet spill-over into the physical, non-internet world. Can you imagine what would happen if some of your Twitter followers will get in touch with their friends at some party, and then find out that someone is looking for a house and lot in a certain location?

Your follower can then tell those buyers about you. Are you starting to see the power of word-of-mouse now?

Aside from finding people who share your interests in Twitter, you can also find people by location. In the property business, you know that people who live near your real estate project will be more inclined to book a site tripping schedule with you. All the more if they get to know you via Twitter, right?

Let’s face it: People buy from people they know, trust, and like.

Isn’t it time you set-up your free account in Twitter and start getting more followers? What are you waiting for? If you’re excited to connect with more people in real estate, or even if you’re just curious, check out Twitter Rocket today.

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